Ready to get started with SalesGURU Online? This walkthrough guides you through the process.

Set up your company file

After signing in, answer a few questions about your business. This helps us set up your company file and tailor the program to better fit your needs.

The SalesGURU dashboard displays next, which serves as the homepage for all of your SalesGURU activities. If you’re looking for a quick snapshot of your business’s health, this is where to find it.

The dashboard displays basic information on the current status of your income and expenses. These values change in real-time, displaying an updated overview of your company’s finances:

You can now start adding information about your business.

Select Settings ⚙️, then Account and settings.

Complete the information in each section. SalesGURU asks you some questions as you proceed about what you need to do and how you plan to use the various functions. Your information is saved and automatically configures your settings. You can always adjust these settings later.


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