Press deposit button in the home page.Select either cash or cheque to deposit.Select individual Collection items or select all that needs to be deposited.Select the deposit bank from the dropdown.Write down the system generated reference no. in the bank deposit slip.Capture and Save the deposit slip image.Press Confirm button to complete the deposit. Note: Once the deposit is complete Cash in hand or cheque in hand will reduce from the list.

Select Sales Module from Home page.Click the plus action button and select Invoice.Select Customer.Select Category if you are using list view or select the product if grid view.Enter Invoice quantity and press Done button.Re-check the Order Summary before completing, then press Done button. Note: Can request Customer e-Signature if required before pressing Done button.

Depending on when you receive the payment, there are two ways to record sales transactions in QuickBooks. For a deferred payment, use Invoice and Collection. Think of this as a two-part transaction. First, you create the invoice to record the sale. Later, when your customer pays, you record a payment against that invoice.For an immediate payment, use Sales Receipts. Invoices To create an invoice: Select + Button.Select Invoice.Complete the fields with necessary information.Select Create. To close out invoice: Select + New.Select Receive Payment.Choose a customer,…

NOTE: Customer payments can be recorded both through SalesGURU mobile application as well as the admin. panel. Collection through Mobile App Login to the app.Select Collection from the Module section in the home screen.Select the Customer.Pick the Payment method.Enter payment amount.get customer e-signature for confirmation.Press confirm button to save the collection. Once the payment collection is saved customer outstanding balance will reduce. Collection through Admin. Panel Select Collection from side menu.Press the Create Collection button.Fill…